Welcome to the 1414 Club

The 1414 Club has been a mainstay for people in recovery and their families in the greater Longview/Kelso area since 1988.

83 people in the community joined together who were affected by substance abuse. They banded together with hard work, time and their own money to fund a building that would house facilities for any type of 12-Step meetings on a permanent basis.

Hundreds of people, from all walks of life, have found the support they need to maintain their personal program of recovery.

The 1414 Club provides 3 meeting rooms for various 12 step programs. It is open 7 days a week, with at least four meetings a day available to those in recovery.

Club’s Purpose

The purpose and plan of operation of the 1414 Club shall be to: aid and assist 12 step program members to attain complete and lasting recovery by providing meeting facilities for 12 step groups; to assist members and prospective members in social activities within the club; and to promote the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual welfare of it’s members.